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[Misc. Doodles] Two Tries at Female!Roy and random image

Definitely been awhile since I did something that wasn't a fic but what the hell. I'm somewhat celebrating here since I found my missing Tablet PC's pen. =D So yeah, I kinda did a few drawings in MSN, one random and two attempts on a Female!Roy Mustang from FMA.

Artist: Lucifer Hisaki
Ratings: G & PG-13 for NWS doodle
Warnings: Genderswitched!
Medium: MSN convo window. o.o;

My first attempt on a drawing in MSN. Yeah, MSN. It's the only program I got that I know I could do something with. ^^; I should go Paint Chat soon or something but oh well. I like how this came out and how fast it was. This is probably my first real attempt on drawing with my tablet which I had for a two years already. I just found my pen which had been missing for about a year or so.

My second attempt using my tablet and pen. Tried to go for a female!Roy but I don't think I got it that well... I'm not exactly that happy with this one either but... oh well. I tried.

Oh and phooey. There lines at where her hips are was supposed to be connected and make a very bad attempt at a blanket. >.<;

My third attempt on a drawing with my tablet PC and pen. This one looks a bit more like Roy in my opinion and I am very satisfied with it. It's not the best I've done but considering what I managed to achieve? I'm content. =)

EDIT: Ok, I lied. There's Three Fem!Roy tries. ^^;

I like this one. Another boring position but whatever. It works for me. I'm very happy with how it looks though I know I could do better with the shirt. Can't win them all, I guess.

Hopefully, I can do something better but again, I'm very content with these. Feel free to leave a comment. I like to be fed my review meal. ^^
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